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Background on cushioning technology
- On CloudTec™
- The patented sensation of running like on clouds
- The wish for a pain-free and effortless running experience marked the beginning of the On
- CloudTec™ technology: a Swiss engineer and running pioneer, who was struggling to continue to run because his knees had taken severe damage from years of using conventional running shoes, set out to change the physics of running. He had realised that he felt much less pain when running on gravel or sand covered trails, which would allow his foot to softly glide into every step. The engineer observed that there are two forces at work when running: the vertical and the horizontal impact. He discovered that it is the horizontal  impact, which causes the most damage to muscle cells, ligaments and joint.
- A recent study by the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research has shown that CloudTec™ reduces the impact on muscles and joints by 25-30%. Despite the superior cushioning, On makes no compromises when it comes to performance.