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Jack Kennedy

Published: 05 Jun 2020

Jack Kennedy using the Cloudflow and cloudventure peak. A little update on Jack's lockdown over the last few months. 

It’s slightly frustrated that I don’t know when my next race is going to be and more international races are getting cancelled every week. However, I’m using this time to focus on my weakness such as flexibility  and to have big base of training under my belt for when racing starts so I’ll be ready. 

Swimming is obviously a very restricted as pools are closed however alternatively I am now using cords to replace swimming as they activate the same muscles. It won’t be long before I start swimming in the sea. 

I am gradually building my bike volume up to 12hrs a week and this includes, 1/2 hard turbos, 1 long ride and the rest steady. Unfortunately as we are only allowed out for 2hrs a day most of my cycling at the moment is being done inside on the turbo.

Also with running I am gradually building my run volume to 5hrs a week usually including a track session, tempo/long run and the rest easy. The run intensity is backing off slightly at the moment as I won’t be racing anytime soon so it is a good opportunity to get a lot of aerobic work in. I am doing lots of cliff path running and the ON trail shoes are great for this thanks. I’ll make sure I do a few instagram stories in the next few days and will hope soon have a few videos coming out of my training.

Overall training is going really well though. I have been very consistent and feeling very strong at the moment so just really liking forward to racing!

I am also doing all my school work from home at the moment so I am very busy and not getting very much free time at all. This can be hard as we are basically self teaching but I have structured my day so I am able to fit in enough training and study. Hopefully things return to normal soon.

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Jersey Half Marathon 2013

Published: 20 Nov 2013

"Jersey Half Marathon - coming into the last 400m neck and neck with David Emery. He beat me fair and square by 6 secs. I finished in 1:15:23." Tom Perchard.

Full write up to follow.

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Tom Perchard Qualifies for the Commonwealth Games

Published: 13 Sep 2013

MTS is very proud to announce that Tom has managed to qualify for the Commonwealth Games, reaching his second qulifying time at the London Triathlon on 28th July.

The London Triathlon acted as the selection race for the Jersey Commonwealth Games Team. It was an opportunity for Tom to get his final qualifying time but the most important result was to be within the top 3 Jersey competitors. Tom got his first qualifying time at Windsor Triathlon in June. 

Due to the water temperature in the London Docks being too warm for wetsuits to be allowed, all the elite competitors wore only their triathlon race suits which meant less buoyancy and slower times. Luckily for Tom he exited the water with a group of five others who worked well on the bike and caught another six people ahead of them which meant a stronger bunch which could work well together to achieve a fast bike split.

The course was 2 laps out and back from the ExCell docklands to Big Ben. The run course was 3 laps around the docklands. Tom did the 10km in 33:42 and finished in 16th place overal in a time of 1:53:03, well under the qualifying time of 1:58:45 and 2nd Jersey competitor after Dan Halksworth.

Tom is now planning his buildup to the Commonwealth Games with his coach, Nick Saunders, aiming to get off the Island for a bit of warm weather training.

Tom has been training in the Brooks Glycerin 10s and racing in the Brooks T7 Racers.


Congratulations Tom.

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Tom Perchard

Published: 25 Jun 2013

Tom is our first athlete to join the MTS team and we are delighted to be involved with his training towards the Triathlon at the next Commonwealth Games.

We will be following Tom's progress from training sessions to races to his own hobbies, if he has anytime for those.

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